How happy are your customers today?

We provide end to end feedback solutions – onsite and online
– to enable consumer experience management

Understand what to celebrate and what to improve.

Smart Feedback enables you to monitor, understand and impact customer happiness. We help you manage the customer experience delivered by a brand to its consumers or a city to its citizens

Smart Feedback brings internet of things (IOT) enabled data, as well as digital data, to collect last mile and distributed user feedback from all points of interaction. Our GIS enabled interface allows you to monitor sentiments by location, create alerts and escalations based on automated data-driven rules, and link feedback metrics to marketing and awareness generation, customer relationship management and operations management.


Map customer journey

Collect location based data

Tap into emerging tech & analytics

Gather feedback from multiple channels

Build customer engagement

Impact performance


Experiences happen at every point of interaction along the consumer journey

Make every interaction count.

Consumers are increasingly visual and pressed for time. Innovative feedback formats increase engagement along the consumer journey. Collect real time feedback from citizens, users, consumers and staff through physical and digital channels. Use the power of IOT and analytics to map sentiments and experiences to monitor and improve quality of public and private service delivery.

Unified dashboard maps patterns from real time feedback across distributed locations

Simplify multi-location and multi-geography service through a single dashboard.

Track real time feedback in a central cloud-based platform to manage quality of service across national, state, city, location based levels. Allow real time monitoring of service, quality and other performance metrics. Manage real time alerts and escalations to trigger action.


Data Analytics & Decision Sciences enable rapid response and sustained improvement

Performance based management through trends and insights.

Create real time and historical reports to understand key performance drivers, manage staff and performance levels, and improve efficiency and quality of service delivery. Manage own and third party service providers. Enable cities to track all public services and infrastructure. Enable businesses to track facilities, retail, hospitality, transportation and other services.