ICT based citizen feedback is a critical
element for Swacchta Survekshan 2018

Is your city ready?

Keeping our cities clean is a 24/7 365 days challenge

Leverage the power of citizen feedback to improve the quality of service delivery.

Smart Feedback has been deployed by multiple cities across multiple states. We have collected over 17 Million citizen feedback data points and counting. Cities and municipal corporations are using this data to track the sanitation levels at public toilets, monitor the service of staff and third party providers, create escalations for immediate attention, and generate reports for long term assessment of service levels.

Give a voice to citizensMonitor smart feedback to manage cleanliness at public toilets

  • Track hygiene and sanitation levels
  • Track performance of cleaners
  • Allow alerts and escalations

Enable & empower staff Leverage smart feedback to manage service levels

  • Track cleanliness in toilets by location, by time
  • Create alerts and escalations from staff to management
  • Download daily, weekly, monthly reports

Gather feedback at public toilets

Roadside facilities

Local Train Stations

Bus Stations

Chowks & Markets