Citizens and consumers seek engagement
across channels

Is your feedback collection intuitive, attractive and complete across
physical and digital interactions?

Smart Feedback lets you collect feedback at every point of interaction and engagement along the consumer journey.

Collect information on every metric important to you. Leverage multiple IOT enabled, digital and physical feedback channels to bring convergence to omni-channel engagement.


IOT enabled feedback stat

Quick, accessible and highly visible internet of things (IOT) based physical feedback stations have smiley buttons to rate the quality of service for a single metric.

Ideal for high traffic areas such as public facilities, hospitals, grain shops, monuments, railways, metro stations, public schools, and more.

LCD or Tab based feedback station

Multi question feedback using Tabs or LCD based feedback stations installed on-site to rate the quality and drivers of service for multiple metrics.

Ideal for secure business areas in corporate facilities, retail, shops, hospitality, government head offices, educational institutions and more.


QR Code and Beacon based feedback

QR code enabled and beacon based responsive mobile feedback using customer devices to rate the quality and drivers of service for multiple metrics.

Ideal for high traffic, unsecure locations, or digitally savvy users in retail, shops, hospitality, educational institutions, transportation hubs and more.

App based feedback

Multi question feedback using responsive mobile app interface served on user device to rate the quality and drivers of service for multiple metrics.

Ideal for secure captive user locations including corporate facilities.


"Customizable designs & questions to suit your specific needs"

Mounting Styles


Wall Mounted

Table Top

Standee or Kiosk

User’s Mobile

Interface Styles

3 Button

5 Button

LCD – multiple sizes

Tabs – multiple sizes

Design Styles

Brand Colors

Brand Design

Language Choice

Icon Choice

5 versions Customizable questions & designs

Easy to mount, Easy to set up, Easy to configure

Secure devices, Platforms and communication

Real time alerts , escalations and emails

Start easily with Feedback as a Service

Reduce hassles with annual maintenance contracts


GSM or Wi Fi

Cloud Platform

Data Hosting

Data Storage for 1 year


Installation Onsite

Signal Strength Testing

Power Socket Needed

Training & Videos


Device Support

Software Support

Repair as per terms

Warranty as per terms