The promises of anytime, anywhere

Are you collecting feedback from distributed locations to monitor performance centrally?

Smart Feedback brings data from distributed locations, at points of sale and points of interaction, from physical and digital channels, into a common dashboard for secure, tiered, access-based storage, retrieval, and analysis.


Collect data from distributed locations

Onsite experience is a critical part of the customer or citizen experience. However, collecting data from multiple physical locations, in real time can be a challenge.

Our unique solution maps the GPRS location of each feedback station to give location specific information.

Map feedback along user journey

Collecting feedback at different points along the user journey at every location allows organizations to understand performance and challenges at a granular level. It allows you to determine the unique critical touchpoints.

Organizations can monitor the same metric at different locations or different metrics


Easy Configuration of Feedback Stations & Reporting Dashboard

Our intuitive, widget based dashboards allow you to easily configure the survey.

Design of physical feedback stations, online and mobile feedback forms, and the reporting dashboard can be customized. Custom questions allow you to monitor the metrics important to you at the locations important to you.

Cloud Based Aggregation and Hosting of Feedback Data

Data is collected in real time. Our data analytics engine tags and aggregates data by metric, location, and time. Data is further transformed to measure and track specific KPIs, create reports and rule based alerts for action.


"Data driven insights help manage staff motivation and consumer delight"

Intuitive drill down dashboards

Operational visibility, alerts & escalations

Data from multiple channels & sources

Monitor, manage, and reward staff

Identify and manage complaints

Prognostic & predictive analytics