Governance monitoring through
citizen engagement

Use technology to map collective experience perception Monitor and ensure last mile impact

Citizen centricity is an attitude

Leverage the power of citizen feedback to improve the quality of service delivery.

Government and public sector institutions aim to improve equity, quality, efficiency, and responsiveness of public service delivery. Building public infrastructure and amenities is not enough. Monitoring last mile public service delivery is always a challenge.

Technology is a game-changer in capturing the voice of citizens. Feedback allows cities to understand the quality and care of public service delivery. IOT, ICT, and digital data streams can enable governance monitoring.

Smart Feedback can be deployed in any citizen facing facility – citizen service centers, government offices, parks and monuments, public spaces and markets, public hospitals and clinics, and education institutions. It can help monitor the quality of care, service, timeliness, and much more. Performance measurement brings transparency into city processes, and thus, improves quality of public service delivery.


Give a voice to citizensMonitor smart feedback to manage cleanliness at public toilets

  • Track hygiene and sanitation levels
  • Track performance of cleaners
  • Allow alerts and escalations

Enable & empower staff Leverage smart feedback to manage service levels

  • Track cleanliness in toilets by location, by time
  • Create alerts and escalations from staff to management
  • Download daily, weekly, monthly reports

Gather feedback at public toilets

Parks & Monuments

Public Hospitals

Citizen Centers & Offices

Schools & Colleges

Bus, Train, Metro


Stations & Bus Stops