Insights can uncover points of pain or delight
– moment by moment

Smart Feedback provides analytics, prediction, visualization, and reporting to capture performance trends by time, day, date, week, month, category, metric and other parameters.

Understand customer satisfaction at comprehensive and granular levels.


Real Time Monitoring Through Cloud Dashboard

Customer experience happens in the moment.

Operational excellence requires cities and businesses to track performance in the real time, raise alerts, and manage complex multi-location, multi-channel portfolios. Single national cloud dashboard, with tiered data architecture and access allows management at every level.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reports

Different KPIs lead to overall customer experience.

Capturing daily, weekly, monthly reports allows businesses and cities to capture trends by region, city, season, day of week, time of day, shift and other factors. Understanding variations in performance enables you to understand drivers of high performance and the points of challenge and improve engagement, and decrease inefficiencies.


NPS, CSAT, & Key Performance Indicators

Customer sentiment varies in real time.

Transform feedback data into loyalty and satisfaction metrics. Data visualization, rule based transformations and analytics allows you to report performance against KPIs. Managers and leaders can visualize business flow, performance and challenges instantly through the dashboard.

"Create a dashboard customized to your key performance indicators"

Real time data capture
Regular data transmission
Local storage as backup

Time segmentation
By hour, day, week, month
By shift, season

Geographic segmentation
National, State, City, Location levels

Data export
PDF and Excel formats
Easy for further analysis

API Integration
Into your custom dashboard

Top Lists
Best and Worst Locations
By Geography, by level

Feedback as a Service. Easy to Configure. Easy to Start

Feedback as a Service

Innovative cloud based offering allows you to start monitoring feedback on the go, without the hassles of custom product development and hosting

Innovative Terms

Innovative business model with annual contracts for one, two, or three years, end to end hardware and software solution, data management, and support